Terms of use

  1. Preamble:

The purpose hereof is to set out the terms and conditions that govern the use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) of www.respectlife.gr website, which has been created by Alexandra Manousaki (hereinafter the “Owner”) to the effect of raising public awareness regarding the setbacks that people with mobility issues face every day when trying to get around the city.

These Terms of Use apply to all web pages hosted on the aforesaid “Owner’s” website (hereinafter “Site”). The Terms of Use do not apply to web pages that are hosted by organisations with different websites that may be linked to the Site. Users of such web pages must necessarily be informed of the policy of protection of the individual web pages they visit.

  1. Conditions of Use:

The visitors/users of thy Site (hereinafter “Users”) shall carefully read these Terms of Use prior to any use of the Site. The use of the Site is evidence that the user has studied, has understood and has accepted all of its terms. In the event that the user does not agree with the Terms of Use of the Site, he/she shall refrain from using its services.

The Terms of Use apply to the entire content of the Site (hereinafter “Content”), which may among others include text, images, graphics, photos, designs, illustrations, videos, sounds, files.

These Terms of Use may be modified and updated at any time without prior notice. The users are required to check the Site for any changes to the Terms of Use and if they continue to use the Site this will mean that they have accepted the modifications to its Terms of Use.

  1. User Responsibility:

Users of this Site must comply with the rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behaviour during its use and in connection herewith. Users of the Site shall be liable for any damage caused to the “owner”, referred to poor or improper use of the Site and the services offered through it.

In the event that the “owner” is involved in any litigation or required to pay any kind of damages due to breach of the obligations of the user provided in these Terms of Use, the user shall be held liable to indemnify the “Owner”.

In particular, the users have the right to upload pictures or videos with a content that will comply with the purposes of this site and by doing so they declare that they and the people depicted in the uploaded videos and pictures will raise no claim to pecuniary compensation by the (owners) of the site.

Users are exclusively responsible for uploading pictures or videos, which shall not be contrary to morals, be the object of theft or violate the rules on intellectual property ; users shall be fully held liable in civil and criminal proceedings, if a third party that considers itself offended by their upload claims compensation or a remedy otherwise.

The users that upload pictures or videos will be fully held responsible in the event that the people depicted in such do not agree with the upload, while the “owner” shall in no event be held liable for such reason.

  1. Owner Disclaimer:

The “owner” shall by all means pursue the best possible service of the Site’s users, paying the utmost effort to ensure that the information and all its content is governed by accuracy, correctness, clarity, completeness, adequacy and availability.

However, the “owner” cannot guarantee the appropriateness of the Site content for any kind of use, application or purpose. In no event, including negligence, shall the “owner” be held liable for any damage that may occur to the users of the Site by its use, to which they proceed on their own, aware of these Terms of Use.

Similarly, the “owner” cannot guarantee that the Site or any affiliated website or servers through which the content of the Site is available to its users, are offered free of “viruses” or other damaging components.

The “owner” shall in no circumstances and shall in no event, including negligence, be liable for any incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages or loss of profits, including pecuniary penalties arising from any third party claims eventually related to the use, copy or presentation of this Site or its contents or of any other affiliated website, regardless whether the “owner” had been informed, was aware or should have known such possibility.

  1. Intellectual Property and Trademarks:

The entire content of the Site, excluding the exemptions specifically referred to (third party intellectual rights) is copyrighted by the “owner” and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and European law, as well as international contracts and conventions.

The “owner” reserves all intellectual rights regarding the content of the Site and the copies created based thereon.

The content of the Site is offered to its users for personal use and may be subject to change, without notice, at the discretion of the “owner”. Any transfer by a third party, with or without a consideration, copy, reproduction, modification, republication, transmission or distribution in any manner or means is prohibited, without the written permission of the “owner”.

  1. Underage Users:

The Users of the Site that are underage are allowed access to the services of the Site solely with the consent of their parents or guardians.

  1. Access to information:

For each donation, it is required to collect users’ personal information. Any document certifying and evidencing user’s identity shall remain strictly confidential. User’s provision of personal information shall automatically imply his consent to using this information for the aforementioned reasons.

In no other case may the “owner” communicate Site users’ personal information to other parties, without their prior consent, unless this is required by law.

Under specific conditions, it may be allowed or required by law or by a court decision to collect, use and disclose personal information submitted electronically, without the prior consent of the Site’s users.

  1. Correction, modification or deletion of information:

If a user wishes to delete a piece of information that concerns him or her from the owner’s Site, the “owner” shall act accordingly to make the change immediately.

The “owner” shall take all necessary steps to protect the personal information of the users of its Site, but protection of access codes to the Site also depends on the users themselves.

  1. Safety of transactions:

The “owner” warrants that it will ensure, to the best possible extent, the safety, confidentiality and integrity of the information it collects regarding the users of its Site.

More specifically, the “owner” has implemented the appropriate technical measures to secure users’ personal information against any loss or any kind of illegal processing.

  1. Acknowledgement of the procedures to protect confidentiality:

The use of the Site implies de jure and explicit acceptance of this statement on the protection of personal information, including the aforementioned Terms of Use of the Site.

  1. Governing law and other terms:

The Terms of Use of the Site, as well as any modification or change thereof, shall be governed and complemented by the Greek law.

If any provision of the Terms of Use is deemed to be contrary to the legal context above or is held invalid, it shall de jure cease to apply, without this affecting in any circumstances the validity of the remaining terms.

This document constitutes the entire agreement between the “owner” and the Site’s users and it binds exclusively them.

No modification to these Terms of Use shall be taken into account or shall be part of this agreement, unless formulated in writing and incorporated therein.

It is explicitly agreed herewith that any disputes that may arise regarding the application of these Terms of Use that cannot be resolved by an amicable settlement shall be governed by the Greek law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Chania.