About #RespectLife

#RespectLife is a campaign whose purpose is to raise awareness of the problems that people with mobility issues face when trying to get around Chania.  We aim to do this through videos submitted by you- about your mobility experiences in your town- and will use these submissions to create a short film we hope will go viral.  

Alexandra Manousakis, the Manousakis Winery, the Pancretan Association of America (PAA) and Indigo View Productions have joined forces to create a short film (4-5 minutes in length) that will draw attention to the extreme lack of respect given to people in wheelchairs. Parking in spots designated for people with disabilities, blocking ramps, putting chairs and tables on the sidewalk, as well as the reality of poor city planning are the main issues that will be addressed in this short film. We will show that each person can make a difference by changing their habits and by demanding better standards from their community.

Filming is expected to begin this winter and shortly thereafter the film will be released! The idea is for this to become a viral video that will open people's eyes to this big problem within our communities.

This video will make an impact on the mentality that exists in regards to people with disabilities here in Crete and in Greece in general. This issue of getting around town affects all kinds of people, not only people restricted to wheelchairs but also families with babies in strollers, pedestrians and more.

There are two ways to help:

1) We ask you to share with us your personal stories (use your cell phone) regarding problems you face in trying to get around your city. Upload your story on the #RespectLife platform (see How can I help? section) so that we can get the inspiration to create the script that will help us address these problems.

2)  Make a donation that will help us fund the production of this short film, any amount will help!

Support the campaign #RespectLife to make a difference in someone else's life.